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Courses in Watercolour Painting

The Colour Research Studio, Angela Lord, holds courses in water-colour painting throughout the year. Themes include nature moods and the four seasons; fairy tales and mythology; Rudolf Steiner's indications for colour and form; individual colour research. Workshops also available.

Tel: 0844 585 4949


Angela Lord

Born and educated in Christchurch, New Zealand. After 7 years teaching in State primary Schools, she became a teacher of special needs children in Hohepa, a Rudolf Steiner Curative Education School, developing a programme for handcrafts and painting therapy. Following this, she studied at the Goetheanum painting school in Dornach with Elizabeth and Gerard Wagner, Switzerland, where she received her diploma.

She works internationally with her partner, Robert Lord, in Colour Transformation Ltd. specialising in lazure and mural. She teaches painting and offers a three-year diploma course at the Colour Research Studio in East Sussex, England.

Her own themes include: The New Testament and plant motifs

She holds regular exhibitions and gives many weekend workshops and summer courses.

Other books:Easter", Publishers: Steiner Books, New York.

Forthcoming Books: "Easter"; "The Archetypal Plant"; "The Archetypal Man-Animal"; "New Life (Mother and Child)". Publishers: Steiner Books, New York.